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About Us

Nea Soteria is a leading company offering certified reverse osmosis water purification devices.

We aim to improve people's health, reduce environmental impact, eliminate plastic and provide career opportunities through involvement in the business advocacy movement.

Discover our unique products and join us for a healthier and more sustainable future.

Sommersi dalla plastica

of Salvation

Are You Really Aware?

Health, Plastic Foot Print and Sharing


Do we really know everything about water?

The importance of water

Water is a vital resource essential for life on Earth, fundamental for humanity and the entire ecosystem. It is used daily for multiple purposes and has unique properties that make it invaluable. However, water has been wasted and polluted by humanity, causing global problems such as climate change, ocean pollution and water scarcity. This resource is essential for the functioning of the human body and all living species, as well as playing a crucial role in the Earth's ecosystem. Conserving water is critical to human survival and the well-being of the entire planet.

The water is contaminated

The Biggest Problem in the World

Water pollution is a global problem that threatens human health, aquatic ecosystems and food security. This magazine will explore the different causes of water pollution, highlighting human activities that contribute to the degradation of water quality and offering possible solutions to address this challenge.

Contaminazione acqua

The beginning of the end

The plastic

The biggest problem that we could avoid today is the use of plastic bottles

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Plastic bottles are produced by the second


Plastic recycled globally

8 Billion

The tons of plastic present on Earth, double the total weight of all animals and marine animals together

390 Million

The tons of plastic produced every year

90% comes from fossil sources

100 thousand

The microplastics we can get from food, air and water every day


Marine and terrestrial species that have ingested plastic around the world

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170 thousand billion

Fragments of plastic floating in the oceans

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1000 Years

The time for plastic to degrade and then never really disappears

It only fragments into invisible pieces

The Business of Plastic


The Big Players | The truth

Large companies that sell plastic bottled water, such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestlé and Danone, generate large annual revenues, with figures that vary based on market fluctuations and consumer trends. Overall, these companies operate globally and are part of larger conglomerates.


Coca-Cola reported total revenue of approximately US$33 billion in 2020.


PepsiCo recorded total revenues of approximately US$70 billion in the same year.


Nestlé with annual sales of over US$80 billion, sells brands such as Poland Spring and Perrier.


Danone, with a turnover of around 24 billion euros in 2020, includes mineral water in its portfolio.


The bottled water industry faces growing environmental concerns due to the use of single-use plastic.

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SHOCK ARTICLES | Things no one tells you


A new disease has been discovered in wild animals caused directly by the ingestion of plastic: it is called "plasticosis" and is characterized by persistent inflammation of the digestive system, alterations of the stomach and reduced absorption of nutrients. The first cases, identified in some seabirds from the south-west Pacific, are described in the Journal of Hazardous Materials by a group of Australian researchers in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in London.

Aggiungi un'intestazione.png
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SHOCK ARTICLES | Things no one tells you


Microplastics can cross the blood brain barrier and invade the brain after being ingested. This is demonstrated by the results of a new study just published in the scientific journal Nanomaterials by a research team led by scholars from the University of Vienna...

SHOCK ARTICLES | Things no one tells you


The analysis highlights that the use of ketamine increased between 2020 and 2022 in some cities such as Milan (from 6 to 14 mg per day per 1,000 inhabitants), Bologna (from 12 to 22) and Florence (from 8 to 18).

Among the cities with the highest per capita consumption of cannabis are Nuoro, Cagliari and Trieste. The object of the study was the consumption trends of "major" psychoactive substances (cocaine, amphetamine, ecstasy, methamphetamine, heroin and cannabis) and the identification of the use of new drugs in the area

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SHOCK ARTICLES | Things no one tells you


It's called "Forever Pollution", a project born from the newspaper Le Monde based on data collected throughout Europe. It is essentially an interactive map that keeps track of the contamination of certain substances within ecosystems.

A significant piece of data concerns the water and the presence of pesticides detected...

SHOCK Video | Things no one tells you

From Plastic in the blood to contamination

Let's analyze tap water

Home water

Let's analyze what we really have in our home water

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Often used as a disinfectant, chlorine can form potentially carcinogenic byproducts

Magazine Soteria (8).png

It may be present due to old lead pipes in water systems


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Magazine Soteria (8).png


Volatile organic substances (VOCs): Include industrial solvents and volatile organic compounds that can contaminate groundwater.


A toxic metal that can result from natural deposits in the soil or from industrial activities

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Present due to industrial discharges or natural releases



Present in water they represent a threat to the environment and human health

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Magazine Soteria (10).png


Algae contamination of water is a serious environmental problem.


They alter the body and mind, creating addiction and damaging long-term physical and mental health.

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Magazine Soteria (10).png

Mainly from agricultural fertilizers and organic waste.

Nitrates and Nitrites

It may be present in excessive concentrations in some geographic areas, causing dental fluorosis.


Magazine Soteria (10).png

Harmful chemical substance that can result from industrial activities


It can be present in old water pipes, now present in all cities

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Magazine Soteria (11).png

Bacteria and Viruses

They can transmit diseases such as gastroenteritis, respiratory infections and others, putting human health at risk.


It can cause neurological, thyroid and gastrointestinal disorders, leading to serious health problems.

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Magazine Soteria (11).png


They harm with potential accumulation in the body, toxic effects and inflammation, with long-term risks.

Magazine Soteria (11).png


Harmful as it can cause serious damage to the nervous system, making it toxic.

Magazine Soteria (11).png


Total Suspended Solids (TSS): Can cause gastrointestinal problems, infections, impact water quality and the environment.

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Some water sources may contain traces of radioactive uranium.

Magazine Soteria (12).png


They can cause harm when used improperly, dangerous interactions, or unwanted side effects.

Magazine Soteria (12).png


Present due to industrial discharges or natural releases

Magazine Soteria (12).png


Coming from copper pipes or other sources of contamination.

Magazine Soteria (12).png


A radioactive gas that can seep into groundwater.

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The solution

Soteria: Innovation for Better Water Quality

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Acqua osmosi inversa


The Blue Company

Soteria is a cutting-edge company with innovative reverse osmosis technology to ensure pure water at home. Their "Blue Company" vision aims to eliminate plastic from bottles, reducing environmental impact and protecting marine life. Furthermore, Soteria engages in community aid programs by building wells in developing areas. They also remove contaminants from tap water. This initiative offers significant savings compared to traditional plastic bottles and allows people to share Soteria's values, earning through sharing, thus promoting positive change.

Direct production reverse osmosis



Soteria Prime represents a sophisticated water purification system based on reverse osmosis technology. This device features an advanced membrane system that operates under controlled pressure to selectively filter out impurities, contaminants and suspended particles in drinking water. The reverse osmosis membrane effectively removes heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria and viruses, ensuring water free of contaminants. Thanks to its multi-stage filtration system and digital control of operations, Soteria Prime offers high efficiency in water purification, ensuring superior quality of the resulting liquid. This technologically advanced device is an ideal choice for getting a pure and safe source of drinking water right at your home.

Soteria Prime
    L’osmosi inversa, chiamata anche iperfiltrazione, è quel processo attraverso il quale si purifica l’acqua da impurità di vario genere. Questo processo di affinamento dell’acqua non consiste semplicemente in un ostacolo fisico, determinato dalle dimensioni dei pori delle membrane al passaggio delle molecole, bensì sfrutta la diversa affinità chimica delle specie con le membrane stese, permettendo il passaggio delle molecole idrofile, cioè chimicamente simili all’acqua.
    Un sistema osmosi inversa è caratterizzato da un procedimento a membrana che permette di eliminare dall’acqua la quasi totalità delle sostanze indesiderate in essa presenti, grazie a una pressione maggiore della pressione osmotica. Si ottiene grazie a una membrana semipermeabile in thin film. Le membrane osmosi inversa trattengono le impurità da una parte (scarto), impedendone il passaggio e permettendo di ottenere acqua pura dall’altra parte (permeato). L’acqua da trattare viene spinta nelle membrane con a una pompa che esercita una pressione superiore a quella osmotica, ottenendo così due flussi in uscita: uno permeato e uno concentrato che va allo scarico.
    Vediamo nello specifico quali sono i vantaggi e gli svantaggi di avere un impianto osmosi inversa a casa! Pro: Un’acqua trattata con un sistema ad osmosi inversa è un’acqua oligominerale di altissima qualità, molto leggera e facile da deglutire; Un depuratore osmosi inversa elimina qualsiasi sostanza nociva dall’acqua. Infatti, riesce a filtrare metalli pesanti, cloro, pesticidi, nitrati, virus, batteri, sedimenti, alghe, amianto, arsenico e tutte quelle particelle nocive invisibili; È un’acqua che riesce a legarsi alle tossine, depurando l’organismo in modo efficace; Uscendo direttamente dal rubinetto è più sicura delle acque in bottiglia tenute per lungo tempo nei magazzini e a contatto con la plastica; Genera un grande risparmio in termini di denaro, in quanto non è più necessario acquistare le bottiglie al supermercato, e di fatica per il trasporto e lo stoccaggio; Rispetta l’ambiente e riduce l’impatto che la plastica ha su di esso; È molto comoda essendo in casa propria a metri zero dal rubinetto della cucina. Contro: Come ogni apparecchio necessita di una regolare manutenzione ogni 6 – 12 mesi e in concomitanza occorre eseguire una procedura ordinaria di pulizia dell’impianto; Un depuratore è formato da molti elementi e, quando si rompe qualcosa, occorre sostituire il pezzo danneggiato; Per installare un depuratore a osmosi inversa è necessario disporre dello spazio necessario sotto il lavello, lo spazio comunque riservato alle bottiglie d’acqua.
    No, l’acqua ad osmosi inversa non fa male. L’acqua trattata con osmosi inversa è infatti fortemente consigliata per l’uso alimentare, tanto che addirittura in luoghi dove l’igiene è fondamentale, come ospedali e laboratori professionali, viene comunemente utilizzata. L’osmosi inversa è la tecnologia più efficace e sicura per affinare e purificare l’acqua potabile soprattutto per due motivi: è un processo naturale all’interno del quale non vengono utilizzate sostanze chimiche di nessun genere. Nel corso di questo procedimento, vengono eliminati gli agenti inquinanti e quelli di natura organica indesiderati.
    Le tecnologie di depurazione conosciute e riconosciute dal Ministero della Sanità sono principalmente quattro: I filtri a carbone attivo: sono porosi e, in quanto filtri, riescono a filtrare le sostanze inquinanti organiche, come i solventi, i pesticidi, etc. ma non riescono a filtrare i batteri ed i nitrati (non modificano quindi la durezza dell’acqua). Questa tipologia di depuratore funziona bene se i filtri a carbone attivo vengono costantemente tenuti in manutenzione evitando il rischio che si sviluppino microorganismi dannosi alla salute. La microfiltrazione: è il processo che sfrutta filtri acqua che trattengono nelle loro maglie i microrganismi eliminando cloro, sedimenti, sporcizia, sabbia, impurità, particelle in sospensione, sapori e odori sgradevoli dell’acqua, pur lasciando intatti i sali minerali di cui essa è composta. L’ultrafiltrazione: è una modalità di purificazione dell’acqua con una capacità filtrante maggiore rispetto alla microfiltrazione, in quanto tramite i filtri rimuove particelle con una dimensione fino a 0,01 micron. Tuttavia, a differenza dell’osmosi inversa non elimina i sali minerali disciolti nell’acqua. L’osmosi inversa domestica: è riconosciuta come la miglior tecnologia a disposizione delle famiglie in quanto grazie al suo meccanismo è in grado di rimuovere qualsiasi tipo di sostanza inquinante presente nell’acqua, organica e inorganica. Uno tra i migliori depuratori acqua osmosi inversa è il Soteria Prime il quale si differenza dagli altri affinatori la qualità dei materiali impiegati che determinano a loro volta la qualità dell’acqua. Membrane, filtri, pompe, schede elettroniche etc. sono fondamentali per garantire standard di sicurezza durante tutto il processo di affinamento dell’acqua. Soteria Prime è composto da un ulteriore rubinetto di erogazione con tecnologia UVC che svolge una funzione battericida per completare il trattamento al 100%.
    Diverse statistiche riferiscono che ognuno di noi dovrebbe bere: 600 bicchieri d’acqua al giorno (120 litri) per apportare all’organismo la quantità di calcio necessaria; 1800 bicchieri d’acqua (360 litri) per immettere la quantità sufficiente di ferro; 170000 bicchieri (34000 litri) per il fosforo. È inutile dire che bere così tanti litri d’acqua al giorno è impossibile. Per questo motivo, occorre andare a integrare questi minerali anche con una sana alimentazione, perché l’acqua da sola non può coprire il fabbisogno giornaliero. Infatti, l’acqua ha una funzione meramente depurativa piuttosto che di nutrimento. Le sue molecole si legano alle tossine del nostro organismo e le espellono attraverso le urine, ma è importante che siano leggere per poter essere facilmente espulse dal nostro corpo. Per quanto riguarda le opinioni mediche osmosi inversa, molti specialisti si sono confrontati circa i benefici dell’acqua unendola a una corretta alimentazione come elemento essenziale per uno stato di salute migliore e di tutte le funzioni vitali. È importante che questi impianti rispondono a tutti i requisiti e conformità posti in essere dal ministero della salute. Quando si parla di acqua, si parla di salute.
    Installando un impianto osmosi inversa è possibile rimuovere tutte le impurità e le sostanze indesiderate presenti nell’acqua grazie a uno specifico filtro osmosi inversa ad uso alimentare. Per la precisione, affinando l’acqua potabile si elimina tra il 95% e il 99% delle particelle solide (Potassio, Cloruri, Cianuri, Nitrati, Selenio, Amianto, Bario, Pesticidi, Piombo, Mercurio, Manganese, Nichel, Solfati, Arsenico) e il 99% di virus e batteri, ottenendo un’acqua con un contenuto salino che compete alle migliori acque oligominerali in commercio, pura e leggera.
  • Tempo Perso per Acquisto Acqua in Bottiglia
    ~147 Ore
  • Soldi Spesi per Acquisto Acqua in Bottiglia
    ~ 15.000 Euro
  • Microplastica/Nanoplastica Ingerita
    7800 grammi ~ 1560 Carte di Credito
  • Animali Compromessi/Uccisi
    ~ 250 animali marini
  • Rischio di Contrarre Malattie
    Aumento del +230%
  • CO2 Emessa per la produzione di Acqua in Bottiglia
    1.600.000 grammi di CO2
  • Bottiglie di Plastica Utilizzate
    ~ 20.000 Bottiglie
  • Microplastica/Nanoplastica Ingerita
    NESSUNA da fonte di acqua
  • Animali Compromessi e Uccisi
    Non disperdendo più Bottiglie di Plastica, il tuo impatto sarà inferiore allo 0,01%
  • Tempo Perso per Acquistare Acqua in Bottiglia
    Pari a ZERO -> MAI PIÙ Code in Cassa, MAI PIÙ Fatica nel Trasporto
  • Rischio di Contrarre Malattie
    Riduzione del rischio di contrarre Malattie Gravi e di contrarre Virus o Batteri
  • Soldi Spesi per Acquisto di Acqua in Bottiglia
    Nessun Costo -> Non affronterai più questa Ingente Spesa
  • CO2 Emessa per la Produzione di Acqua in Bottiglia
  • Bottiglie di Plastica Utilizzate
    Bottiglie = NESSUNA
  • Personalizzabile
    Possibilità di personalizzare con il tuo nome la borraccia SipWave inciso a laser su di essa.
  • Grandi caratteristiche e accessori
    Viene fornito con un tappo a vite e un manico flessibile per facilitare il trasporto; il tappo sportivo opzionale viene fornito con ugello in silicone intercambiabile e cannuccia sostituibile per una migliore durata.
  • 100% senza BPA e sostenibile
    Queste sostanze chimiche comunemente presenti nelle bottiglie d'acqua di plastica sono completamente assenti dalla bottiglia in acciaio inossidabile SipWave
  • Borraccia termica sottovuoto
    Mantiene le bevande calde e fredde più a lungo grazie alla tecnologia a doppia parete isolante sottovuoto. Bevande fredde per 24 ore e bevande calde per 12 ore.
  • Struttura robusta e leggera
    Questa SipWave in acciaio inossidabile 304 di alta qualità per uso alimentare lo rende molto forte e resistente a urti e danni.

Product certifications

Certificazione DM25
Certicificazione ROHS
Soteria Prime Depuratore acqua

The 15 in 1 benefits

Find out what thebenefits that could improve your life

Acqua pulita e benefici





Soteria is dedicated to an increasingly acute awareness of the world and its changes, aiming to spread awareness about the importance of water and the serious challenges that are threatening our planet. We understand that time is running out, and acting now is crucial to a sustainable future. Join us in immediate action, because there is urgency in our commitment.



Soteria is committed to expanding knowledge of the constantly evolving challenges that are changing daily life.

Our mission is to provide in-depth knowledge of crucial issues, such as contamination, health and pollution, which are also reflected in every single drop of water. Join us in finding practical and meaningful solutions.



Soteria represents the ideal combination of awareness and knowledge to concretely address the challenges related to pollution and hydrological problems that we have identified. The name Soteria itself means "salvation", and the solution to these problems is inherent in our mission. The only way to ensure our survival is to join this "ark" to improve our lives and preserve the future of the planet. Join us on our journey to salvation and sustainability.



As you read these words, let us remember that not everyone shares your good fortune. In many parts of the world, millions of people face serious water-related problems on a daily basis. Some have no access to it, while others face poor-quality water that poses a threat to their lives. In countries like India and Africa, Soteria is committed to bringing clean water to hundreds of thousands of people, because clean water is a universal right that should be accessible to all. It is time to ensure that this fundamental good is within the reach of every individual in the world. Join us in this vital mission.



A mission of this magnitude requires sharing and support, yours too can make the difference. The world is in a critical moment, but together we can bring light to its rebirth. Soteria is the lighthouse that can guide humanity towards a healthy and responsible future. Join us in our endeavor and discover the world of Soteria now. We are ready to make a difference, are you with us?


Soteria Care is a beacon of hope in a world of challenges. By choosing our products, you not only get quality, but you also support the construction of clean water wells in Africa and India.


Every purchase makes a difference, providing water to thousands of people for decades. These wells are not just sources of water, but symbols of solidarity and hope.


With your continued support, let's build a better future. Every Soteria choice is an act of love for others and an investment in universal access to clean water. By becoming part of our movement, join your drop to make the world a better place. Choose Soteria and illuminate the future of those who need it most.

Soteria Care
Soteria School


At Soteria, we believe that investing in the health and safety of school communities is an important step for the future. With our ongoing commitment to innovation and quality, we strive to contribute to a positive and safe learning environment for all.

Water quality is a critical factor in anyone's health and well-being, but it is especially relevant in schools, where students spend much of their day.

Contaminated water can contain harmful chemicals, bacteria and other contaminants that can negatively impact the health of students and school staff.

Soteria recognizes this challenge and is dedicated to providing advanced filtration solutions to solve this problem

Soteria Testimonial

Morgana Testimonianza

Morgana, 9 years old

Hi, I'm Morgana, I'm 9 years old and I have a dream: to become a marine biologist.

I live in Calabria near the sea and thanks to my Pope Francis I learned to love the sea and animals.

I discovered that water is important for marine life and that the problem of plastic in the seas causes many animals to suffer.

This made me very sad and angry.

Thanks to Soteria, mum and dad can drink clean water and above all help animals not to suffer by eliminating so much plastic from the seas.

I want the sea to be a wonderful place not only for me but also for the animals that live there.

Thank you, Soteria, for inspiring me to support my dream and protect our precious sea.

I hope that one day everyone can drink clean water and that the sea will be free from plastic.

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Become a Soteria Coach

Soteria Coach is much more than a figure: it is a mission, an opportunity, a possibility of personal growth and a positive impact on the world.

Soteria Academy



Being a Soteria Coach means dedicating yourself to your personal growth, developing a success mindset, facing challenges and discovering your hidden potential thanks to the tools offered by Soteria. Become your best version.



If you want to develop business skills, Soteria is the right place. You will be trained to become a hydrological expert and a strong team builder. You will gain skills that can open up new professional and financial opportunities.



You will be followed step by step on your journey.

Constant training and you will have access to a Back-office.

Share experiences with other Coaches, experts and trainers.



By sharing Soteria's mission and its innovation, you will be rewarded in the form of commissions.

Your word of mouth will be valued, offering you opportunities for earning and business growth.



Soteria is for everyone, without age or economic limits.

As a Soteria Coach, you share awareness about health, environment and well-being, improving people's lives and addressing global challenges.


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