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Allarme Nanoplastiche: La Minaccia Invisibile nell'Acqua che Beviamo

Sotto la Lente: Nanoplastiche nell'Acqua in Bottiglia - Minaccia Invisibile alla Salute e all'Ecosistema

La Ricerca Rivela la Minaccia alla Salute e Ambiente.

Lo Studio Columbia University evidenzia presenza massiccia di particelle microscopiche, con potenziali rischi per la salute umana. Acqua in bottiglia contenente fino a 240mila particelle per litro, con nanoplastiche che possono attraversare il flusso sanguigno e raggiungere organi vitali, compresa la placenta.

of Salvation

Are You Really Aware?

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SHOCK ARTICLES | Things no one tells you


Microplastics can cross the blood brain barrier and invade the brain after being ingested. This is demonstrated by the results of a new study just published in the scientific journal Nanomaterials by a research team led by scholars from the University of Vienna...

SHOCK ARTICLES | Things no one tells you


A new disease has been discovered in wild animals caused directly by the ingestion of plastic: it is called "plasticosis" and is characterized by persistent inflammation of the digestive system, alterations of the stomach and reduced absorption of nutrients. The first cases, identified in some seabirds from the south-west Pacific, are described in the Journal of Hazardous Materials by a group of Australian researchers in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in London.

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